As the Ontario Election officially gets under way, the Toronto Star tells its readers that many of the promises from Party Leaders “are so vague that they’re useless”.

The Star backs NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath, when she called for a series of televised debates but warns she had better think of something to say.

“Other leaders may have put forward some dubious proposals but she has presented virtually nothing at all.”

Adam Radwanski in the Globe and Mail goes so far as to say she risks not being taken seriously because she plays “fast and loose” with the facts.

These are early days but perceptions formed early on can stick.

Too bad then that today’s NDP pledge to raise the minimum wage to $12 hourly over two years is so timid. A paltry 50c hourly increase in each of the next two years. I wonder what people in Wal-mart think of that?

It is estimated that almost one in ten employees in Ontario work for the Minimum Wage, the figure doubling in the last decade.

35 days to go.


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