What on earth possessed Newmarket’s increasingly fragile and tormented Maddie Di Muccio to spend $1,181 on a half page advertisement in the “It’s You” Community Section of the local Newmarket Era newspaper denouncing her Party Leader, Tim Hudak, for blocking her attempt to win the PC MPP nomination for Newmarket Aurora?

I hope the cost of this absurd advertisement is not borne by taxpayers – as was the case with the earlier one when she used public money to condemn the Mayor’s alleged fondness for tax hikes. Spending public money to pursue a personal vendetta is a scandalous misuse of public funds.

The latest ad is a dense slab of text like something out of a 19th century newspaper. Di Muccio curiously writes in the third person to compare and contrast her record with that of her fellow councillor and Progressive Conservative MPP hopeful, Jane Twinney.

She aims to wound Twinney but misses the target by a mile. Di Muccio comes across as someone consumed by bitterness. She despises Twinney but can’t bring herself to say so directly.

In case any of her 2,688 Twitter followers missed the ad (which was buried on page 5 of the second section) Di Muccio helpfully tweets this link 

Maddie Di Muccio ‏@MaddieDiMuccio Apr 11

Last week @timhudak told @YorkRegion news that I "didn't meet pc party standards." Here's what I told them this week: http://twitdoc.com/2U8H 

Instead of howling into the wind, why doesn’t Di Muccio sue Hudak for defamation?

She claims he misled people, saying things that were simply untrue, undermining her reputation.

It is unusual, but not unheard of, for politicians to sue one another for defamation. Indeed, Kathleen Wynne has just sued Hudak for libel. So why can’t Di Muccio follow suit?

She threatened Court action against me a few months ago but that died a death. Then she went after Era journalist Chris Simon alleging she had been defamed, saying his tactics were “contemptible and outrageous”. That, too, fizzled out.

She routinely threatens Court action against those who upset her but nothing ever materialises. A Newmarket councillor tells me that over a dozen of us are still waiting for her lawyers’ papers.

But now she has a chance to make her mark on a much bigger canvas. If she were to sue Hudak (whom she loathes) she would be guaranteed lots of publicity (which she loves) and celebrity (which she craves) and notoriety (which she revels in).

It would, of course, mean the end of her political career as a Progressive Conservative.

But that, I suspect, is as good as over.

She acknowledged as much last month when she tweeted

Maddie Di Muccio ‏@MaddieDiMuccio  Mar 14. 10.06pm

We need Wildrose Ontario

 She has given herself another reason for settling old scores with Tim Hudak.

Update Tuesday 15 April 2014: Lots of publicity for Liberal Party MP wannabe, Christine Innes, who has launched an action for defamation against Justin Trudeau who blocked her from running as a Liberal candidate in the Trinity Spadina by election. It all sounds terribly familiar.


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