The OMB tells me it may be in a position tomorrow, Friday, to say when it expects the Glenway Phase 2 Hearing to start (if indeed it starts at all).

I am told the Town and Marianneville are still wrestling with various unspecified technical issues including ones brought up by the Glenway Preservation Association.

As a result, the “issues list” and the witness lists and statements have not been exchanged between the Parties (ie Town and Marianneville) as they would be in the normal course of events.

And, astonishingly, I am told that the Parties may agree to dispense with these fusty old lists altogether! 

This suggests you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between the two of them.

I am sure the developers, Marianneville, can hardly believe their good luck. Land bought for a song ($10m) and now worth an absolute fortune. And everything delivered to them by the Town of Newmarket on a gold plate.


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