She’s at it again!

Newmarket’s increasingly fragile Ward 6 councillor, Maddie Di Muccio, is threatening to sue local journalist, Chris Simon, for this piece published in the Era today.

The paper reports that wannabe regional councillor, Darryl Wolk, is accusing Di Muccio of threatening Stephen Somerville. (Haven't we been here before?)

Di Muccio, who routinely threatens perceived opponents with legal action that never materialises, is all bluster. This is what she tweeted earlier today:

Maddie Di Muccio ‏@MaddieDiMuccio 3h

@csimonwrite I find your story and your tactics both contemptible and outrageous. I'll be speaking to my lawyer a/b defamation of character.

 12:40 PM - 14 Mar 2014 · Details

The damage inflicted on the Progressive Conservative brand in Newmarket Aurora by this prolonged vicious and very personal in-fighting must be absolutely immense.

Opposition parties will, no doubt, be squirreling away all the sordid details, every charge and counter charge, for possible use in the General Election, if provoked.

The sole candidate for the PC nomination, Jane Twinney, serenely floats above it all. Her coronation is on 20 March.

So far as Di Muccio is concerned, her defamation action will be going nowhere.

Truth is an absolute defence.


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