York Regional Police tell me that the investigation into the alleged threats against Stephen Somerville and his family “has been concluded and our file is closed”.

Somerville pulled out of the race for the Progressive Conservative nomination to succeed retiring MPP Frank Klees on 19 February. He cited threats against himself and his family as the reason for withdrawing.

Nominations close today (6 March) with the candidate selection due on 20 March.

Earlier today, Regional Council candidate, Darryl Wolk, tweeted:

I expect that there will not be a democratic race for Newmarket-Aurora PC nomination. Unless there is a surprise, it will be an acclamation.

This is an astonishing turn of events. A big ripe plum has just fallen into the lap of Jane Twinney who could inherit a relatively safe PC held seat without ever being tested against other contenders for the nomination.

I understand there were as many as 12 candidates who thought about throwing their hat into the ring when Klees announced his intention not to seek re-election.

Who knows what impact the alleged threats against Somerville had in thinning out the potential field?

In the October 2011 Provincial election Frank Klees (PC) received 17,201 votes (46.2%); Christina Bisanz (Liberal) received 13,487 votes (36.2%); Robin Wardlaw (NDP) 5,477 (14.7%) and Kristopher Kuysten (Green) 1,061 (2.9%)



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