Maddie Di Muccio is “stunned” and “overwhelmed” by the news that she has been blocked from being nominated as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Newmarket Aurora in the Provincial Parliament.

What on earth did she think was going to happen after accusing fellow Progressive Conservative candidate Stephen Somerville of being behind the YouTube ad which portrays Di Muccio as a self serving opportunist.

In her press release yesterday Di Muccio 

“…expressed sadness and shock that a fellow candidate has targeted her with an ugly, negative personal attack ad.

“Desperate candidates do desperate things,” said Di Muccio. “My opponent knows I have strong support in the party’s grassroots, he knows my message is resonating with PC members, he knows I can win this nomination, so in response he’s resorted to attacking my character with a negative ad. It’s sad; it’s shocking; it’s wrong.”

She produced no evidence whatsoever that Somerville was responsible. It was a classic Di Muccio smear. This is a woman who is perfectly prepared to slither from the gutter of politics into the sewer if it suits her purpose.

Indeed, Darryl Wolk, the PC candidate for Regional Councillor, tweeted a few weeks ago that he would rather abstain in the ballot than vote for Di Muccio if she were the PC candidate.

 @_capps @horsesandbeer I will not vote Maddie even if she wins nomination. Will decline my ballot.

1:41pm - 28 Jan 14

Di Muccio has alienated hundreds of people in the Progressive Conservative Party and beyond.  Why single out Somerville?

Now she tells us she is off to Sun News Network.

Off to @SunNewsNetwork with @DavidAkin to make sense of @timhudak deep sixing my papers. Watch at 5:10pm.

@MaddieDiMuccio 34 minutes ago

I doubt she will be asked what evidence she has on Somerville.

That really is the story.


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