Newmarket’s janus faced Ward 6 councillor, Maddie Di Muccio, hopes to follow Frank Klees to Queen’s Park as MPP. The Progressive Conservatives choose their candidate on 20 March and Di Muccio has launched her website

On the home page she writes a peon of praise for Frank

Frank Klees has served our community and the province with distinction for almost 20 years and the people of Newmarket-Aurora have benefitted from his principled leadership in the community and at Queen's Park.  Like you, I am saddened to hear of his decision to retire after this current term is over. 

But Frank's legacy of community service will guide us as we embark on choosing who will be our next MPP.

Compare that gushing tribute to what she said about Klees on 19 September 2013 on The Agenda with Steve Paikin. (Taking the pulse of the PCs.)

Di Muccio tells viewers she does a lot of campaigning and knocking on doors and Tim Hudak “comes across as distrustful”.

Then she goes on:

“What he (Tim Hudak) did with Hillier and Sherman (ie fire them), why didn’t he do this with Klees? I mean Klees is the guy, let’s not forget, who wanted to run for Speaker. That would have thrown everything in disarray.”

“And to me – I’m looking at this as an insider – I am thinking is he afraid to do that to Frank Klees? If anyone deserved it, you can make that argument, that, you know, he was not just, he is the maverick that always causes trouble.”

Now John Mykytyshyn responds:

“You make a good point. There was Frank who maybe wasn’t feeling loved and was looking for other options and could have pursued running for Speaker. And he had a conversation with his Leader (Tim Hudak) - and I wasn’t there for it but this is what I’ve heard – who said “You know Frank I appreciate what you are thinking but we need you, not just me, the Party needs you.”

“And Frank Klees did what he has always done whether he was a policy guy or an elected official. He’s done what is in the best interests of the Party.”

Di Muccio fires back:

“I don’t agree with that.”

As an aside… Two months ago Maddie Di Muccio threatened legal action against me yet there is still no sign of any letter from her lawyer, Darryl Singer. I have concluded the letter is never going to arrive and that her threats are totally worthless.


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