Newmarket Mayor John Taylor and Regional Councillor Tom Vegh said yesterday they would not be voting for Mario Racco for Regional Chair if he throws his hat into the ring on Thursday evening. 

Mario Racco

Taylor is unequivocal:

“I think it is highly unusual of him to indicate he will only run and provide an address at the meeting outlining his positions and vision if he is guaranteed a win. This is not an approach I can support.”

Tom Vegh says:

“He (Racco) told me that he will only be submitting his name for Regional Council Chair if he has a guarantee of 11 or more committed votes… I told Mr Racco that I am satisfied with the leadership provided by Chair Emmerson and will be supporting him.”

Racco complains of backroom deals being part and parcel of the process of selecting the Chair of the Regional Council. On that I agree with him.

But, perversely, his own campaign now smacks of the very thing he is complaining about – backroom deals.

Racco is absolutely right to meet members of the new Regional Council and canvass their support in any way he thinks fit. But – always assuming he has someone to nominate and second him -  he must have the courage of his convictions and follow through. 

Willing to wound and yet afraid to strike

He should address the Regional Council on Thursday evening at its inaugural meeting, setting out his stall.

He should tell us why is he running. And what will he do as Chair that Wayne Emmerson won’t do.

Racco will, of course, be putting himself in a very exposed position. What if he fails to win? Or loses badly?

When Newmarket’s John Taylor was a candidate for Regional Chair in 2014 he received 4 votes out of 20. A handful of people saw the vote as a huge humiliation.

On the contrary, in my eyes it enhanced Taylor’s reputation and did him no harm whatsoever, either in the short or long term.

If Mario Racco is serious about becoming the indirectly elected Chair of York Regional Council he should turn up and make his pitch.

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Update on 6 December 2018. This evening Wayne Emmerson was acclaimed as Chair of York Regional Council. There were no other candidates.

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