I write to our regional councillor, John Taylor, following his blog post (see below).

He tells me separately that he put down a "notice of motion" at the Council meeting on Monday 13 February.

I ask him, what does this mean?

When will the examination of possible height restrictions take place?

What are the implications for the Secondary Plan?

And does his notice of motion capture applications, such as Slessor Square, that are already in the pipeline?

John gets back to me at the speed of light (ten out of ten!) and says this:

A notice of motion is just a polite heads-up for your colleagues that a motion is coming.

This will be a 3-6 months process. I will move a motion at the next meeting that we get a staff report on how to proceed with implementing a height restriction... they will bring back a report a month or so later, and then we will vote on it which will trigger an Official Plan Amendment process including public consultation... with an eventual final vote.

This does not apply directly to any development that has already been submitted or approved.

Indirectly it does provide direction to current proposals such as Slessor Square as to what Council feels is appropriate.

It looks as if this could be a long haul.