The NDP candidate for Newmarket-Aurora who was runner-up in last week’s Provincial election, Melissa Williams, has told her Facebook audience she is running for Newmarket Council in Ward 4. 

Tom Hempen, who currently represents the Ward, is standing down after two terms.

Melissa Williams said:

“After much thought, I’ve decided to run for Newmarket Council (Ward 4) where I hope to continue the fight to bring change for the better to the people of Newmarket. I know how exhausted many of you are (I am too) but after a bit of a break, I hope you will consider putting your passion and experience to good use once again.”

Grant Waddell has also thrown his hat into the ring for Ward 4.

Tom Vegh is undergoing maintenance 

Meanwhile... Newmarket Councillor Tom Vegh is running for Regional Councillor on 22 October 2018 but you’d never believe it.  

He thinks the job will drop into his lap like a big ripe plum without him even having to shake the tree.

Five weeks ago I thought I’d take a peep at Tom’s website to see what he had to say about things. The site was undergoing maintenance at the time but, tantalisingly, it promised to be up and running “very soon”. I checked again earlier today and got the same message.

My “very soon” is generally within 24 hours. Tom’s “very soon” is rather more leisurely.

In my universe, promising to mow the lawn “very soon” and waiting 37 days wouldn’t really cut it.

But I suppose it’s all relative.

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