The OMB website has posted preliminary details of the Slessor pre-hearing on 30 November 2012.

It will be held in the Cane Room A & B at 10.30am at the Municipal Offices on Mulock.  The meeting is open to the public.

The case reference is: PL120906

An information sheet on “What you need to know about Prehearings” is on the OMB website.

It says, prehearings help to: 

  • Identify parties, issues and participants
  • Organise complicated matters
  • Determine what documents should be exchanged
  • Determine procedures before and during the hearing
  • Set future hearing dates.

Slessor’s high powered team of planners and lawyers will be displaying some pretty fancy footwork as they dance through all the rules, regulations, by laws, official plans and guidance which, they will claim, permit the erection of this monstrosity in the heart of Newmarket.

Seems to me this is one date with destiny we don’t want to miss.