A letter dated 28 November 2016 from Clock Tower developer Bob Forrest to the Mayor and councillors of Newmarket brazenly tells them:

"we are not accepting of either the current Staff Report or the recommended Zoning By-law Amendment."

In a long rant Forrest tells us he is baffled by the decision to reject his application when it was supported by heritage consultants who, it seems, walk on water:

"Staff retains outside consultants and peer reviewers because it does not have in-house expertise in many areas. Certainly, the two heritage consultants have brought monumental experience and expertise to support staff. That experts of this caliber (sic) should be arbitrarily rebuffed without consultation or explanation is disappointing, surprising and, in the end, shocking."

Clearly Bob is angry. He feels betrayed by his friends. I do not know what to say to comfort him.

Where would he be without his hired guns and malleable "professional experts" ready to do his bidding for a big fat fee?

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