The notorious attention seeking Newmarket councillor, Maddie Di Muccio, is at it again.

She launches a furious tirade of abuse at fellow councillor Tom Vegh, calling him a "bumbling Jerk" who is "less than a man" and a "coward".

By any measure, this is strong stuff.

But her outrage is entirely synthetic.

She tells us there was some kind of debate in the hallway outside a Committee room involving Vegh and her husband, John Blommesteyn.

As we know, Blommesteyn bought a host of Tom Vegh domain names to squat them and game the search engines to direct traffic to his wife’s website. 


You bet.

Tom Vegh has every right to be upset.

Instead of badmouthing Vegh she should have a quiet word with her husband whose actions throughout have been totally reprehensible.

Blommesteyn says Maddie never knew what he was up to and, in any event, there is an innocent explanation. He was only trying to get Tom Vegh to become more active as a councillor!

Oh please!

This kind of behaviour pollutes local politics. We don’t need it.