This morning I write to the Editor of the Era Banner.

Newspapers make mistakes all the time. No problem about that.

Dear Mr McFadden

Your article on Slessor Square (Newmarket Condo Shorter, Same Amount of Units. 24 April) contains a serious inaccuracy.

The report asserts that the density of phases II-IV of this controversial development will be determined by the Secondary Plan the town is creating with input from residents.

In fact, the density - that is, the number of people living and working at Slessor - will be decided outside the Secondary Plan process which is now underway.

If people don't want Slessor Square on their doorstep they should speak out now.

Tomorrow may be too late.

Your readers can check for further details

Yours sincerely

Gordon Prentice

Shrink Slessor Square 

The Slessor development is important enough for the record to be corrected.