The hyper-litigious former Newmarket councillor, Maddie Di Muccio, has lost her discrimination action against the Town of Newmarket.

She told the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario that, from her election in 2010 until 2014 when she lost her seat, she was subjected to dismissive behaviour from fellow councillors which included guffaws, interruptions and eye-rolling. She claimed the conduct became more abusive with Mayor Van Bynen joining in. She told the Tribunal she was isolated and often was not able to get anyone to second her motions. She told the Tribunal the cumulative effect of this conduct resulted in negative publicity which took a huge emotional toll on her.

Di Muccio alleged harassment and discrimination based on her gender.

The Tribunal dismissed the application. You can read the decision of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal here.

My sincere and well intentioned advice to Di Muccio and to her always-angry husband, John Blommestyn, is to stop re-fighting past battles and to move on with their lives. She should put the 2010-14 experience behind her and concentrate on tweeting and blogging and being President of the York Region Taxpayers’ Coalition. (This may be old news for some. She may have already sent out a torrent of tweets about the case. I don’t know.)

Di Muccio is also pursuing an action for defamation against Regional Councillor John Taylor, claiming $5,000 in damages from him. Her friends should tell her the action is doomed to fail.

She has until (I think) Monday 2 May 2016 to ask the Small Claims Court in Newmarket to set a trial date. If she does not do so by then, the action falls.

It seems to me political differences should be settled in the Council Chamber and not in the Courts. An old fashioned view I know, but what the hey.

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