Regardless of how the developer refers to or advertises that the Slessor Site will be 23 and 26 storeys. 


As of March 1st, it has been confirmed with the Town of Newmarket Planning Department that the application is unchanged from 29 storeys!

So why are they insisting that the maximum height is 26 storeys including the commercial podiums when their application hasn't changed?

29 Storeys!  That is 3 times less a floor of the condos at Yonge and William Roe.  They are 10 storeys!  Three times the height!  This blogger can't even imagine it.  We are not the city, but the Town of Newmarket.

The Official Plan that has been mandated, is to increase population for Newmarket, by 13,000 by the year 2031.  But it's a big corridor. If you look at the official map for intensification it streaches from Green Lane to Mulock along Yonge, and From Yonge to almost Leslie along Davis.

  We already have approved a 20 and 12 storey at Yonge and George.  There are sites at Yonge and Eagle, Yonge and Millard (17 storeys applied for, not sure where that stands at this point).  This blogger has also heard, but cannot confirm as fact, that the Liquor Store and Shoppers Drug Mart at Yonge and Davis will be gone, and replaced with Condos, maybe they'll be commercial on the bottom.  The Pickle Barrel is only a 10 year build and will be replaced with Condos, maybe they'll be on the bottom .  The corner of Yonge and Davis that has Chapters etc, will be replaced with condos with the retail as the base.  The List goes on.  Who knows whats in the works that we aren't aware of yet!

So if we have to reach an additional population of 13,000 by 2031, with a huge corridor to intensify why would we consider putting 1600 people on one site??  This blogger believes that the density should be spread out. 

That being said, how will the traffic be handled?  That's for another blog.  But I sure won't be taking transit to lug my multiple bags of groceries home.  Will you?