The anonymous blogger NTHW takes great offence that I rely on (an unnamed) "impeccable authority" to report that councillor Maddie Di Muccio withdrew the allegation made in her press release of 11 February that Stephen Somerville was responsible for the now notorious YouTube ad which portrayed her as a scheming opportunist.

The self important blogger fears for the credibility of his or her blog.

There is a simple solution.

Instead of foaming at the mouth and getting all indignant why doesn't the blogger simply ask Di Muccio (publicly, via NTHW) if she told the Era Banner

(a)  she did not know who was responsible for the YouTube ad

(b)  the press release she issued on 11 February in which she referred to “a fellow candidate” being responsible was misinterpreted.

(c) the references to he “were in a general sense and not directed at a male”.

The blogger shouldn't be coy about pressing Di Muccio for clear, straightforward answers. After all, she is a great fan.

To refresh our memory, in the 11 February press release Di Muccio

“…expressed sadness and shock that a fellow candidate has targeted her with an ugly, negative personal attack ad.

“Desperate candidates do desperate things,” said Di Muccio. “My opponent knows I have strong support in the party’s grassroots, he knows my message is resonating with PC members, he knows I can win this nomination, so in response he’s resorted to attacking my character with a negative ad. It’s sad; it’s shocking; it’s wrong.”

If that isn't an explicit reference to Stephen Somerville then I am Harry Potter.