Now that Maddie Di Muccio will be losing one month’s salary, deducted in instalments until September 2014, for branding the Mayor “a misogynist” she tells the Era Banner she’s ready to move forward and will continue to work with professionalism.

My first reaction is a wry smile. But now, as I tap this out, I am laughing out loud (LOL).

To understand the pathology of Maddie Di Muccio it is necessary to enter her Twitterverse. Her daily torrent of tweets provides an insight into what she is really thinking.

Amongst the garbage there are some real gems. She tells the Era Banner she wants to move forward but in the very next breath calls on her 2,476 followers to help her get rid of all her Councillor colleagues in next year’s elections.

Help me boot all 8 of these members from office next year. Help me recruit good people. #Newmarket

2:11pm - 18 Dec 13

She says she is disgusted with all of them.

On the other hand, I'm so disgusted with the representation we have on #Newmarket Council, that I want to change it.

8:59am - 18 Dec 13

She singles out two in particular.

Cllrs @JaneTwinney & @_JohnTaylor insist I "yell, threaten, run around, and scream." That sounds almost as ludicrous as their voting records

11:09pm - 17 Dec 13

And goes on to patronize the only other woman on Newmarket Council

It was rich listening to cllr @JaneTwinney complain about my tweets in council tonight. Poor Jane. A victim of scrutiny and social media.

12:02am - 17 Dec 13

Di Muccio complains she is being pilloried because she stands up to them all.

@TicknerSafety @SuncoastPlace @horsesandbeer no other council has done this. Using me as example to anyone else who challenges their record.

11:59am - 20 Dec 13

Bizarrely, Di Muccio warns candidates for election to Council in 2014 that if they challenge the Mayor and his inner circle they too will be punished.

b/c they didn't like my use of social media. They wanted to send out a msg to new candidates: should u dare challenge them, u'll be punished

2:11pm - 18 Dec 13

She claims the Mayor was never interested in an apology. That will be news to many people, including, presumably, the Mayor.

@wickedrpn removing someone's pay is a personal, vindictive & punitive tactic. The mayor was never interested in an apology. That much clear

10:06pm - 16 Dec 13

Now she issues a veiled threat to her Councillor colleagues. They deserve what’s coming.

@SuncoastPlace thanks Mark. They're fully deserving of what's coming to them. Right as we start an election year. Time to end the charade.

10:22am - 20 Dec 13

And, as professional as ever, she dubs them all “fools”.

@TicknerSafety @SuncoastPlace @horsesandbeer these fools create their own laws as they go along. Its a disgrace to democracy.

12:10pm - 20 Dec 13

The delusional Di Muccio falsely claims she was not allowed to speak in her own defence.

@TashaKheiriddin thanks Tasha. It was the worst example of a kangaroo court. I wasn't even allowed to speak in my own defense.

2:20pm - 18 Dec 13

Now she claims she was put in an impossible position, being asked to think on her feet and “apologise on the spot”. Apparently, she needed a lawyer to advise her how to say sorry and to retract, without qualification, her use of the word misogynist to describe the Mayor.

@BCLibFan @Era_Reporter well written. As for 10 min option to write an apology on the spot: I was refused courtesy of legal representation.

4:06pm - 17 Dec 13

Di Muccio, who has alienated every single one of her councillor colleagues, says she is made stronger by these events.

Do you think, @TonyVanBynen and @_JohnTaylor, that your tactics wear me down? They make me stronger. You *still* don't get it. #Newmarket

10:14pm - 16 Dec 13

But she can’t do it all on her own. She needs the lawyers to provide back up. (LOL)

@TicknerSafety @SuncoastPlace @horsesandbeer thanks Roger. I'm meeting with my legal next week. I'll keep you posted. You're amazing.

11:54am - 20 Dec 13

We are told the Upper Canada Law Society is also involved. We should all “stay tuned”.

@TicknerSafety @SuncoastPlace @horsesandbeer we've already had a conversation w the Upper Canada Law Society. Stay tuned.

12:12pm - 20 Dec 13

Di Muccio loves attention and being noticed. Her narcissism is self evident.

@SuncoastPlace @horsesandbeer I'm in the local paper again today. And the calls of support keep coming in - once again. #overwhelmed

11:49am - 20 Dec 13

And we can all look forward to her new website: Maddie works for me for free.

@RockNRollCroll absolutely. About to be launched.

6:29pm - 17 Dec 13

Now I am laughing out loud again.