John Dunlap, the estate agent who acted for Bob Schickedanz in the sale of 687 acres of Greenbelt land west of Bathurst on 15 September 2022, owns land immediately adjacent to the land he just sold.

In the Land Registry map below, Parcel 3, at the intersection of Bathurst and Davis Drive West, is owned by numbered company 2201506 Ontario Inc which is controlled by John Dunlap.

It is unclear to me what effect the redesignation of the Greenbelt land to the north of him will have on the value of Dunlap’s land holding. It may increase in value in the expectation that, over time, his land too will be moved out of the Greenbelt.

Mayor Steve Pellegrini of King told the media yesterday that the Township had been looking for a site for a new hospital since 2019 and had done a scan of lands in King that might be suitable. Pellegrini said a “different landowner” had offered land in the vicinity.

I do not know who that “different landowner” is or whether he or she has any formal connection with Southlake – or what conditions were attached to the offer.

This morning I lodged a Freedom of Information request with King Township asking for sight of records relating to that scan, including emails, meeting notes and internal memos.

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