I am taken by the arresting full page ad in this morning's Toronto Star urging readers to contact Doug Ford on 416-325-1941.  

The message is from the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association and l'association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens.

I call as requested and get through to the Premier's Office but don't speak to the great man himself.

Instead of the expected recorded message I find I am speaking to a real person.

"I'd like you to pass a message on to Doug Ford. I think his use of the "notwithstanding clause" in the dispute with CUPE is entirely inappropriate. And I'd like you to get back to me with his response."

I leave my phone number.

I am told to expect a call back.

When that happens you will be the first to know.

Gordon Prentice 5 November 2022

Above right: Dawn "Corn Roast" Gallagher Murphy's Tweet earlier today.  She's heard from parents. She will not waver. And she will not waive her right to invoke the notwithstanding clause of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms believing it is a convenient way to resolve a labour dispute.

Update on 7 November 2022: From the CBC: Education Minister says Bill 28 will be replealed in its entitety.  And from CTV: CUPE to end strike after Ford offers to rescind education law