Property taxes are there for a purpose. They raise money for cash strapped municipalities but they should also encourage the efficient use of land and property.

Isn’t it time we taxed more heavily properties left vacant for ages?

Empty properties blight neighbourhoods and have an impact on adjacent businesses.

The Clock Tower on Main Street South is as deathly quiet as the funeral home diagonally opposite. Perhaps even more so.

Just round the corner on Park Avenue lies the King George School, built in 1912-13 and designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. I see the occasional light on now and again. Is it fully occupied? I don’t think so. Does the owner get any kind of rebate on taxes payable? No idea. That’s confidential.

I think it’s time for councillors to revisit the whole issue of empty property taxes and vacancy rebates.

The Town should not be subsidising people who choose to keep their properties empty long-term.


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