The Ontario NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath, claims the Liberals plan to “privatise” the TTC. This comes as news to Matt Galloway on the CBC’s Metro Morning and it comes as a surprise to me.

Surely Horwath didn’t invent this Liberal policy? If not, what is the basis of the claim? An old story in the National Post?

Wynne subsequently denies, point blank, any intention to privatise.

This gets me thinking about the importance of clear policy platforms and how political parties should present their offerings to the electorate. Personally, I think the whole policy smorgasbord should be out there, on the table, early on, to give voters time to have a look and digest it all.

There seems to be a trend for all political parties to dribble out their policy pronouncements. Horwath told the Toronto Star that

“A full list of NDP campaign promises will emerge as the election unfolds.”

This is not really good enough. It is convenient for the Party managers but very inconvenient for the voters.

Take one example. What about the thousands of voters here in Newmarket who yearn for a fast, reliable, all day, two-way GO train service to Toronto? Are they going to get any specifics from the Party leaders or just another mouthful of platitudes? On 12 June are we going to be any the wiser?

Two days into the election campaign the Progressive Conservative Leader, Tim Hudak, is confirmed as a complete clown. What else is new? And Kathleen Wynne allows the name “Dalton McGuinty” to pass her lips for the first time in months.

Only 36 more days to go.


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