I am told there will be no report on the unlawful demolition of 184-186 Main Street South on the agenda of the Town’s Committee of the Whole which will be meeting shortly.

But Bob Kwapis – councillor for the downtown Ward 5 – is expected to raise under New Business the question of what happens next.

It is not complicated.

The Ontario Heritage Act sets out the offences relating to the demolition of properties within a Heritage Conservation District:

Erection, demolition, etc.

42 (1) No owner of property situated in a heritage conservation district that has been designated by a municipality under this Part shall do any of the following, unless the owner obtains a permit from the municipality to do so:

1. Alter, or permit the alteration of, any part of the property, other than the interior of any structure or building on the property.

2. Erect, demolish or remove any building or structure on the property or permit the erection, demolition or removal of such a building or structure.

The Committee should ask Bob Forrest for a statement on the demolition within 24 hours - if the Town has not already done this.

Kwapis earlier told Newmarket Today: 

“It (184-186 Main Street South) shouldn’t be demolished because the facade has to be intact, or at least it has to have the historical significance that it had before. I would doubt very much they would take the front down because that would be a big no-no.”

The heritage building has been completely destroyed on Bob Forrest's orders.

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