The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in downtown Newmarket tomorrow (Sunday 13th) at 2.45pm outside Lil Brew Hops at 209a Main Street South – just a stone’s throw from the site of one of the Town’s most significant heritage properties which was demolished without permission on Thursday by the rogue developer Bob Forrest. 

The Liberal candidate and former Newmarket Mayor, Tony Van Bynen, tells supporters he is excited to be welcoming Justin Trudeau:

“to show the momentum we’ve been building in Newmarket-Aurora!”

I hope Van Bynen will show the Prime Minister the empty and desolate spot on Main Street South where the Anne Mary Simpson house used to stand.

Prime Minister will see the demolition site

Van Bynen should tell the Prime Minister this was where the first female pharmacist in Ontario had her apothecary.

And Van Bynen should tell the Prime Minister he is determined to find out who was responsible for the demolition of one of the Town’s most significant historic properties. And he will call for that person to be prosecuted.

Campaign flummery

Anything less than this is just election campaign flummery.

As it happens, last week I received a robocall from Tony Van Bynen telling me:

“This is going to be the closest election we’ve ever seen in Newmarket-Aurora.”

You can decide for yourself how things are going after watching this excellent video profile on Newmarket-Aurora which CPAC says is "a riding to watch”.

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Update: And this is how Newmarket Today is reporting on recent developments.