Ford is on the ropes, reeling from countless revelations about the rotten and corrupt PC nomination process which could put cheats, fraudsters and bullies into our legislature. 

PC Poster on Davis Drive. Ballard said last night a 10c cut would mean $1.2 billion in lost revenue to the Province. And the gas companies would allow the price of gas to drift up anyway.

The evidence of malpractice is now overwhelming.

The practice of selling Party memberships in the run up to nomination meetings is asking for trouble. It invites cronyism and clientism and fraud. Who wants our politics to be tainted in this way?

It is in no-one’s interest for us to turn a blind eye to the corruption of our politics.

The problem can be solved at a stroke by setting a cut-off date for participation in nomination meetings. Only members signing up, say, six months before the nomination meeting would be allowed to participate and vote. There will be other solutions but that one is simple and straightforward.

Final TV Debate has new significance

This tsunami of allegations now engulfing the Progressive Conservatives comes only days before the final TV debate where the Leaders square-off against each other.

The NDP by all accounts are soaring high in the polls with the Liberals flatlining.

The PCs are slowly seeping support. 

Davis Drive: bumper-sticker politics at work

But who really knows what the voters are thinking? 

Polls wrong about Brexit and wrong about Trump

The pollsters were wrong about Brexit – predicting by a large margin that the UK would remain in the EU – and they were wrong about Trump becoming president.

They get it wrong all the time.

But if Wynne is to stand a chance of winning the TV debate she’s got to come out fighting.

Andrea Horwath may step back and allow Ford and Wynne to tear lumps out of each other – but there are dangers in relying on a passive approach, content with being a smiling spectator.

The one who lands the knock-out punch on Ford will be the winner.

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