I write to Ted McFadden, the editor of the Era Banner, asking for a correction to the 23 February editorial which gets projected future growth figures for Newmarket completely wrong.

This is important because the Era Banner is pushing for high rise development - the sky is the limit. The paper is backing Slessor Square – with no qualifications. What the paper says is hugely influential.

This is what Ted McFadden tells me today.

There must have been a last-minute change to the editorial that indicated there was a growth projection of 97,000 rather than a growth projection to 97,000. When I was editing Dr. Bahlieda's letter, I must have referred to an earlier version of the editorial that didn't contain the error, so I removed that part from the letter.

The online version has now been corrected and a correction will appear in Thursday's paper.

Thank you for bringing the error to my attention.